Case Study

The following chart shows the actual savings at a KFC in Lincoln, NE, after installing an Eco Cooler.


Although the chart shows that the Eco Cooler ran only 38% of the time in November, 78% in December, and 75% in January, it is possible that the Eco Cooler actually provided more than those percentages because of the times when both the compressor and the Eco Cooler were shut off because they reached the low side temperature of 35 degrees.

Based on the chart above, Lincoln had a one-year payback on its Eco Cooler installation.

Cost to run Eco Cooler Energy Star motor: 28 cents per day, or $8.40 per month

The cost of compressor maintenance and longer compressor life has not been included in the savings above.

In addition to all of this, Eco Cooler provided the benefit of circulating out ethane gasses from fresh foods.