Here is what our customers have to say about how Eco Cooler has changed their businesses:


  • “I can’t believe how much money we have saved after installing the Eco Cooler®. This location used to have the highest utilities and now it has the lowest. Not only are we getting free refrigeration, but our food stays fresher and last longer. This is also extending the life of my compressor, and also maintenance costs are way down.”


  • “It’s always cold now; [it’s] got to help the food. All of the restaurants I have worked in could use this.”


  • “All of the smells are gone. From November 7 to December 7, the Eco Cooler® saved 500 hours of energy, which equates to more than $350.00. The trend for December’s savings is saving 90% of energy.”


  • “When I got here this morning, it was cold; I noticed it right away. It was 37º all morning. Great, no compressor running.”


  • “By going in and out of the walk-in for food or when we take all our stock out of the walk-in to scrub it with hot water, normally we lose a lot of temperature, but with the Eco Cooler®, the temperature stayed at 37º. I know I will get better shelf life on my products. It smells better. We have chicken, fresh fish, and oysters. Haven’t heard the compressor turn on yet. Programmable and makes a lot of sense.”


  • “Works great! It’s a lot colder.”


  • “It’s really cold. I was afraid it would get too cold when the temperature was 10º outside, but it kept it at 39º.”


  • “It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.”