What is Eco Cooler?

ecocoolerThe Eco Cooler uses cold outside air to cool your walk-in cooler. Many areas of the United States can have free refrigeration six to seven months out of the year using our system! In addition to substantial energy savings, your product will maintain a longer shelf life and be of higher quality and freshness than traditional refrigeration methods. Another valuable benefit is that Eco Cooler indirectly doubles the compressor’s life because it will only need to operate half the time!

The Eco Cooler uses a sophisticated Temperature Control Unit (TCU) that monitors both the outside temperature and the temperature inside your walk-in. When it is cold enough outside and your walk-in needs cooling, a high-speed fan will blow cold air into your walk-in. The air is filtered before entering the walk-in using a MERV 5 rated filter, which collects particles as small as 3 microns.

The system also utilizes an exhaust duct to allow excess air to be veecocooler3nted to the outside. This exhaust keeps the air to be vented to the outside. It also keeps the door from being blown open by introducing negative pressure to the environment, and prevents the exhaust air of the walk-in from entering the heated inside space.

The Eco Cooler is intended to cool your walk-in cooler just below the turn-on point for your compressor.

On exceedingly cold days, the Eco Cooler will handle all the cooling requirements. On days when it’s only cold at night, the Eco Cooler will cool your product all night long and into part of the following day.

For more information, check out an Eco Cooler case study, our client testimonials, and the technical specs.